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Om::Language::Evaluation Class Reference

The current evaluation. More...

#include "evaluation.hpp"

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Public Member Functions

virtual ~Evaluation ()
 Evaluation (Evaluator &)
 Constructs an Evaluation on the given Evaluator. More...
Translator const & GetTranslator () const
bool GiveTerm (Evaluator &)
template<typename TheOperand >
void TakeOperand (TheOperand &)
 Pushes the Operand onto the front of the Expression. More...
template<typename TheOperation >
void TakeOperation (std::auto_ptr< TheOperation >)
 Takes the Operation, and gives it to the Evaluator. More...
template<typename TheOperator >
void TakeOperator (TheOperator &)
 Pushes the Operator onto the front of the Expression. More...
template<typename TheProducer >
void TakeProducer (TheProducer &)
 Pushes the produced Elements onto the front of the Expression, last first. More...
template<typename TheProducer >
void TakeQuotedProducer (TheProducer &)
 Pushes the quoted Producer onto the front of the Expression. More...

Private Member Functions

 Evaluation (Evaluation const &)
Evaluation const & operator= (Evaluation const &)

Private Attributes

Expression thisExpression
 The Expression. More...
 The Evaluator. More...

Detailed Description

An Evaluation contains an Expression and a reference to an Evaluator, and prevents a more recursive evaluation algorithm that would overflow the stack in the event of a recursive Om program.

Each Element that it takes is pushed onto a stack, resulting in a LIFO-ordered application of each Element to the Evaluator.

Definition at line 42 of file evaluation.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~Evaluation()

virtual Om::Language::Evaluation::~Evaluation ( )

◆ Evaluation() [1/2]

Om::Language::Evaluation::Evaluation ( Evaluator )

◆ Evaluation() [2/2]

Om::Language::Evaluation::Evaluation ( Evaluation const &  )

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetTranslator()

Translator const& Om::Language::Evaluation::GetTranslator ( ) const

◆ GiveTerm()

bool Om::Language::Evaluation::GiveTerm ( Evaluator )

◆ TakeOperand()

template<typename TheOperand >
void Om::Language::Evaluation::TakeOperand ( TheOperand &  )

◆ TakeOperation()

template<typename TheOperation >
void Om::Language::Evaluation::TakeOperation ( std::auto_ptr< TheOperation >  )

◆ TakeOperator()

template<typename TheOperator >
void Om::Language::Evaluation::TakeOperator ( TheOperator &  )

◆ TakeProducer()

template<typename TheProducer >
void Om::Language::Evaluation::TakeProducer ( TheProducer &  )

◆ TakeQuotedProducer()

template<typename TheProducer >
void Om::Language::Evaluation::TakeQuotedProducer ( TheProducer &  )

◆ operator=()

Evaluation const& Om::Language::Evaluation::operator= ( Evaluation const &  )

Member Data Documentation

◆ thisExpression

Expression Om::Language::Evaluation::thisExpression

Definition at line 105 of file evaluation.hpp.

◆ thisEvaluator

Evaluator& Om::Language::Evaluation::thisEvaluator

Definition at line 111 of file evaluation.hpp.

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